About Tom Marsh

Tommy Marsh was born in Colorado and moved to Arizona with his family some years later. From a young age, he went fishing with his grandfather…and children needed to be quiet so he began picking up and tumbling stones..Shiny pretty rocks were plentiful underfoot, even if the fish weren’t biting! Later he capped and sold them and by the age of 14 he found an old Arizona silversmith he spent a day with learning the craft. When he returned the next day for his next lesson, the old man sent him on his way, telling him he had learned all he had to teach him. A few years later, he began winning state awards for his bolo ties, working for himself and occasionally others. Years later, having a design shop with many Native American artists in it, he made lovely creations for Chaco Canyon and Home Shopping Network.

Always the stonesmith, he knows his stones and their origins well. He is a mountain of information on the old mines and old timers, long past. He has worn out many a stone cutter with his quality and quantity of work. Much of his work has gone to New Mexico and he now chooses to reside in Utah completing his Four Corners of the states he loves. His sweet wife of many years passed away and he has found solace and new love with his stones.

He is still in contact with his many colleagues and associates and can custom make most anything your heart desires.